Claire Perez Redondo

Courage was not absence of fear, but triumph over it
– Nelson Mandela –

Claire Perez Redondo
Supporting talented students


Define your experience in the program.
The Master in Direction of Operations and Production was a life transforming experience. I had hands-on experience in the logistics and production environment at a mid-level manager level.
The program helped me understand what skillsets and expectations were needed for more senior positions and understand companies from a strategic and financial point of view.

What aspects of the program appealed to you? How did your master program and IE help shape you as an individual? As a professional?
I like that the number of selected participants was very limited and fostered intense collaboration. Pretty much like in a company with different groups, different personalities, different goals, and motives.
The program shaped me fundamentally in understanding that a successful executive needs to build coalitions and to develop its internal/external network.

What was your favorite memory from studying at IE?
Aside from the day I graduated… 😊
My 2 favorite moments:
- Where my fellow classmates will share examples of their professional lives and how it made me reflect on possible similar situations.
- When I entered the campus, looking at the white building, getting up those stairs and how I reflected on all my predecessors and the future successors that had stepped into the campus.
A humbling moment full of hope and gravity, that I still recall when I start new projects.

If someone was considering going to IE, what would you tell them?
That they will be a better version of themselves when they get out.

Why did you choose to study this program at IE?
I wanted initially to get credentials to be promoted. I had done my undergrad in France, and my managers did not really understand my degree. When I did my interview for the program, I knew I was in the right place. I had considered 2 competitor business schools, but their school spirit, vision, and value did not match with mine nor whom I was aspiring to become.

What advice would you give to students who are about to begin the program?
To be humble with what they think are their achievements so far,
To be honest about development opportunities and what they need to work to get to the next level,
To be courageous enough to embrace constructive criticism and reveal their best self,
To be respectful with their peers and teachers,
To take time to greet university staff/cleaners when they enter the campus,
To pause to thank their parents, families, significant others, support system
To choose a mentor, life coach safe person to discuss to ensure their mental health is cared for
To work hard with integrity & submit assignments on time!

Tell us about the IE alumni community and the impact they have had in your life and/or career. Why do you think it’s important to engage with the IE alumni community?
I benefited from mentoring, encouragement, and support when I started my program and after my graduation. I have always had a sense of giving back to my community because I identified myself so much with the core values of the school. I hope to be a guide for some students, a reference less because of the position and results achieved than because of my ethics and integrity.

As a contributor towards the Illuminated Bricks campaign, how does it make you and Robert feel?
Humble to be able to do so, proud that we can inspire someone into taking that life changing step.

What made you and Robert decide to give this gift?
To support IE into its next chapter.

In your opinion, why is it important to give back? Why does this cause matter to you?
When something matters to us, it seems logical to nurture/care for it. I consider important to carry on the IE spirit and legacy through by helping financially. On the more business point of view, I would tease you by saying it also as an investment! 😊

What can we do within our IE Community to create an impact and support education further?
Ensure commitment of our applicants and graduates to be ambassadors of IE’s mission and values, to aspire to continuous self-development, to be successful in any project they undertake.

What would you tell someone who was thinking about contributing?
That it is the right thing to do. If it matters to them, they need to act. Good wishes don’t materialize themselves without financial support.

If you had a billboard you could display to the entire world, what you would put on it?
Courage was not absence of fear, but triumph over it from Nelson Mandela as it simply reflects it all. Courage to start the program, courage to finish it, courage to transform into a better professional and individual, courage to be humble and to give back. 😊