Inga Walter

Education itself won’t take you places. A more driven you, after your program, will.

Inga Walter
Supporting talented students


Inga has worked as an executive search consultant for the past 17 years, the first 13 for the globally leading executive search and talent advisory firm and currently for another global top 10 firm. She spent four years in the US, ten years in the Middle East, and has been back in Europe for the past four years. Her industry and sector specialty include Healthcare, Education, and Life Sciences and she presently serves clients across Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Inga spent her early career as a competitive intelligence research analyst outside London. She completed an IE Brown EMBA in 2012 and a Bachelor in Economics and Marketing between a Spanish private university and the University of Lincoln, UK, in 2003. She also did voluntary work and internships in Costa Rica and Venezuela.

Supporting talented students


Define your experience in the IE Brown MBA in one word.

In what ways do you think an IE program can change one’s life professionally?
Going back to school feels rejuvenating and gives the sense that one has the opportunity to start all over again or apply newly acquired skills and knowledge to one’s current setting.

What were your favorite memories from your time at IE?
The togetherness of the cohort, new environments, bonding moments, laughs, and the unique and sometimes quirky personalities of the faculty.

What was networking like in the program?
We were a small group and there were many luncheons, dinners, events, and opportunities to get to know each other. It felt very friendly, inclusive, and family-like. So much so that at times you forgot you were not at home and found yourself double-dipping your carrot stick in the group hummus.

If someone was considering going to IE, what would you tell them?
Terrific choice. You identified a school that will be in your life for a long time, that has a vision, will change as much as you will and that will generously include you on their journey.

Why did you choose to study this program at IE?
It was a completely new program, in partnership with a prestigious US institution and had a focus on humanities. Classes were small. It didn’t feel like a huge production machine as many other programs.

What is one thing you wished you knew, when you were a student? What advice would you give to students who are about to begin the program?
Young students are wise, often more so than we are as they are in constant self-reflection mode. My advice is to listen to your own gut feeling and ask select people you hold in high regard on specific issues that come up in your life. I cannot recall a single general advice anyone gave me as a young student that would have been meaningful. Most of the time I felt I had a clearer vision myself. 😉

Tell us about the IE alumni community and the impact they have had in your life and/or career.
I have made many and dear friends and keeping meeting new people through IE’s community. I am not sure I could have met so many likeminded and interesting people through any other activity outside of work. It is a truly diverse group.

As one of the contributors towards the Illuminated Bricks campaign, how does it feel?
What made you decide to give this gift?
IE has given me so much especially after the program. Things I didn’t expect: a flurry of stimulating activities, lectures and events, food and drinks, networking, and friendships in the cities I have lived in (across the Middle East, US, and Europe). I attended IE events in over 6 different countries post studies. IE has never asked for anything in return other than my presence. I am deeply grateful, and this brick allows me to say a little Thank You.

In your opinion, why is it important to give back? Why does this cause matter to you?
‘Giving back’ always sounds a bit patronizing to me. This small contribution is in recognition of their ongoing, selfless work. This school and its people inspire me, and I know they are putting resources to good use.

What can we do within our IE Community to create an impact and support education?
Scholarships are a very nice cause even if I had unlikely ever qualified for one myself.

What would you tell someone who was thinking about contributing?
A no-brainer… this contribution means a lot to IE and to those who receive it. There are times in life when we invest in our own future and there are times in life when we pause and are grateful for what has been given to us. At the end of the day, you benefited from a program that was more than fairly priced vis-à-vis similarly ranked programs. Had it cost an extra 5K or 10K at the time you would have likely still opted for it. Years later, IE is still very invested in you, and you are in a much better earning position, so it is a small pain point for you. Plus, you can deduct this amount from your taxes, so what exactly holds you back? 😊